• Fish ‘Til You Drop

    Fish ‘Til You Drop

    Living the Fisherman’s Life on the Timor Sea When I set off to travel around Australia, working on a cattle station had been the main long-standing dream that I had wanted to realize. Little did I know that I would […]

  • What a load of crap

    “Just cut a f***ing pumpkin, dickhead!”

    Life in the Australian harvest industry A few months back, I recall someone asking me what was the worst job I’d ever had. I thought about it, but didn’t have an easy answer. I’d had some jobs that weren’t that […]

  • Charge of the Bulls

    Charge of the Bulls

    “Hang on, Vincey!” I looked around once again, but there was still not much to hold on to. I was sitting on a large spare tire in a tiny metal cabin, the back of a modified Toyota jeep. I heard […]

  • The Wasteland

    Several years ago I was working on a farm in the southeastern corner of Sicily. I didn’t have much prior experience with farmwork, but I relished getting back out to nature and doing some hard manual labor. Sicily in September […]

  • All the Beautiful Beaches (Look the Same…)

    For the past few weeks I have been traveling up the east coast of Australia by road. I’ve seen a large chunk of the country’s vast coastline between Melbourne and Townsville (Queensland), thousands of kilometers of gorgeous beach meeting magical […]

  • To See the Sea in Uzbekistan

    I was taking a taxi between the towns of Fergana and Margilon in the Fergana Valley. The valley makes up the far eastern tail of Uzbekistan, a “double-landlocked” country that not only lacks a coast line, but also borders only […]

  • Perpetual Well-Digger vs. Renaissance Man

    I have come to accept that I have a wandering nature and lust for new experiences. Over the past few years, I have lived and traveled in many different countries, worked a few different jobs, and studied half a dozen […]

  • Isaac Babel, My Faithful Travel Companion

    The recent advent of e-books, e-readers, tablet computers, and smart phones has truly revolutionized reading. It is mind-boggling how one small device can provide instant access to thousands of books. This is an exciting development for an avid reader like […]

  • Trying to Appreciate the Transit of Venus

    I’ve been trying to limit my consumption of news as of late, due to my tendency to get caught-up and “over-read.” Therefore, I nearly missed the much-hyped “Transit of Venus.” The astronomical event consists of a nearly 7-hour window when […]

  • Learning at the Experiential Level

    This subject could easily be written about for many pages, but I’ll just provide a few quick thoughts here. I recently completed a 10-day Vipassana meditation course, which I will provide more detail on in another post. Part of the […]


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